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Abdominal Etching® Improving patient results and care

Improve your torso by shaping and defining your abdominal muscles. Abdominal etching involves 3-D sculpturing of the abdomen to provide a more athletic look.

Description: On the day of surgery, Dr Olivier A. Deigni will make accurate markings of your abdominal anatomy. During the procedure, Dr Olivier A. Deigni makes small incisions and uses liposuction to artfully sculpt the abdominal musculature and provide contour and shape for a more athletic look.

Surgery: Abdominal etching is performed under general anesthesia and takes 1 – 2 hours.

Recovery: Compression garments are worn for 1 month to help reduce swelling and bruising and maintain the newly sculpted shape. Most patients return to work after 1 week and resume exercise by 2 – 3 weeks.

Expected cost: $12,000 – $16,000

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