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Non-Surgical Fat Reduction Improving patient results and care

Although liposuction is the gold standard for targeted removal of unwanted fat, there are several technologies available to help reduce unwanted fat without undergoing surgery. Some modalities use heating, some use cooling, others use injected medications to target the fat cells and reduce them. 

Some of these non-surgical fat reduction procedures include cryolipolysis and injection lipolysis.

Cryolipolysis is also known as coolsculpting. This technique focuses on the vulnerability of fat cells at cold temperatures to break them down while doing no harm to the skin and other structures in the process. This form of treatment is the most popular nonsurgical fat reduction treatment worldwide.


Patients with cold-related conditions or loose skin with poor tone may not be suitable candidates for the procedure.

Expect to see results over 4-6 months as the injured fat cells are gradually eliminated from the body. The fatty bulge appearance will decrease in size with an average fat reduction of about 20 percent.

Injection lipolysis uses medication that is injected in the fatty area to help reduce the number of fat cells. The FDA has approved the use of deoxycholic acid for treatment of the area underneath the chin to eliminate a “double chin”. Kybella is a popular product in this class of medication.

There is no downtime, although patients may experience swelling, bruising, pain, redness, and feel areas of hardness that may soften with time. Most patients undergo a second treatment after 4-6 weeks but can have up to 6 treatments under the chin. Most patients will see results by 8 weeks.

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