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Vein Treatments Improving patient results and care

Spider veins can be treated in several different ways. The most common treatment consists of injecting a solution into each affected vein and causing it to collapse and fade. This type of treatment is known as sclerotherapy. Laser treatments can also be used to reduce and improve the appearance of spider veins.

It this for me?

You may consider spider vein treatments you are bothered by spider veins on your body. It is important that you have realistic goals for your treatment and that you are committed to following the course of treatment.

What can I expect?

During sclerotherapy, a solution is injected into the affected veins to irritate the inside of the vein and cause it to collapse and fade away. Multiple spider veins require multiple injections.

After the treatment, the affected areas may look somewhat bruised and the color eventually fades over the course of a few weeks. You may feel some cramping in the underlying muscles where you are treated and it may last 1-2 days. This discomfort is temporary.

During a laser treatment, a laser beam is aimed at the spider vein to obliterate it through the skin. You will notice improvement in your skin’s appearance after the treatment. However, you must understand that new spider veins may appear in the future.

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